Book Review: “The Phoenix Year” is a gripping macro-economic thriller!

“‘The Phoenix year’ is a gripping macro-economic thriller that poignantly narrates an incredible tale of espionage, global conspiracy and puppet masters, set against a backdrop of an impending global crisis. What makes this book unique and highly enjoyable to the reader is the clarity with which the author captures the transmission mechanism between financial economics and the inevitable impact of these events on the lives of the protagonist and key characters in the story. The story is set in a global stage – from real estate empires in New York, to secret societies in Switzerland to the seedy underbelly of the sex trade in Asia. My imagination stoked, curiosity piqued, economic senses heightened – I could hardly put down this book.

David Blond is a modern day Frederick Forsyth and a master storyteller with great insight into the workings of International organization and economies around the globe. Anyone who has been actively involved in the financial markets over the last decade could vouch for the fact, the book is prescient in predicting major global events from the hyper valuation of gold to debt-fueled crash in housing market in the US – this book puts sex and panache into the economics that you would have learnt at university. There are chapters in the book, especially where the story evolves within the failed state of post-USSR Russia where the narrative is so detailed and character sketches so realistic, the reader is tempted to speculate if this is really ‘fiction’ or secret revelations of an insider.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it for anyone craving a good book to take on holiday, looking for a gripping weekend read or most importantly anyone considering a career as an economist – if this doesn’t inspire you to be an economist I don’t know what will!” —
Book Review by: Praveen works in financial services for a major financial institution

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